FREE music download, a gift from @djlissamonet & @thosegirlsrwild

14 Jul

Here is something absolutely FREE that your going to LOVE LOVE LOVE

The amazing DJ Lissa Monet teamed up with Those Girls Are Wild to bring you the ultimate Beyonce mix. Its loaded with over 62 of Beyonce hottest tracks that will get you dancing, feeling empowered and sexy.
And its FREE, so go ahead click on the link and download this amazing mix .

CLICK HERE to download

I really hope you’re not sitting there, scratching your head and asking who DJ Lissa Monet is and what’s Those Girls Are Wild.

If you are, let me refresh your memory, or kindly let you know, if you’re a new visitor.

Remember The Night of Essence “She Rocks” Showcase, yes I hope you remember. Well  Lissa Monet was the DJ and Shannon Boodroom was the host. Shannon is also the co-founder of Those Girls are Wild, a blog dedicated to empowering women to be themselves. (Andrea Lewis is the other Co-Founder of Those Girls Are Wild)

So there you go. But don’t just leave, make sure you download the amazing mix and make sure you visit their websites.

DJ Lissa Monet

Thos Girls Are Wild


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