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Melonie Hamilton is ready to take charge

14 Jul

This young small fire bomb is definitely ready to make a name for herself and we are more than excited to be the place that she showcases her choreography for the 1st time.


With dancehall in her blood, she wants to show the world that anything guys can do the ladies can do it better.

Yes yes, you read correctly. She’s ready to bring it. We can’t wait to see this dancehall performance at The 2nd Annual Night of Essence Dance and Entertainment Showcase.

Today is the last day to get your advance tickets. Purchase your tickets online or go  to Play De Record. Group tickets are also available. CLICK HERE for more information on tickets and CLICK HERE to purchase your online tickets NOW.



Who is Marta S? Get to know her

14 Jun

With all the talent we have in our city, many of us don’t get the opportunity to meet the new and upcoming choreographers paving the way for themselves. Marta S is on the rise and ready to get her creative work out there.

Meet Marta S or lets say Marta Essssssssss

Marta S is a Toronto-based freelance choreographer, performer, and instructor. With an impressive range and unfailing professionalism, Marta S is an industry favourite to work with.

With over two decades of dance training in a vast myriad of styles, and eight years of choreography and teaching experience across Ottawa, Montreal, and now Toronto, Marta S has become one of the city’s most exciting emerging talents after just a few short years of appearing on the local scene.  As a dedicated pupil of the National Ballet of Canada’s Ms. Jean Spear (F.I.S.T.D. and Examiner, Diploma Certified; life member of the Cecchetti society), Marta S has won full scholarships from both the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (C.D.T.A.) and Cecchetti organizations, with the latter being awarded to her by Mr. Glenn Gilmour (F.I.S.T.D. and Examiner; senior teacher at the National Ballet of Canada).

Marta was also the youngest dancer chosen to join Montreal’s McGill Contemporary Dance Ensemble (MOSAICA) in 2003. From 2003 to 2007 she was an active member, performing in and choreographing dances each year for the Montreal company’s full-length productions (performed at the city’s famed Theatre Gesu Centre de Creativite).  Since moving to Toronto in 2008, Marta’s choreography has been featured in shows all across the GTA. Notable showsinclude the Choreographers’ Ball, The Chic-a-Boom Room, Talent Defined (two years running), Women in Dance (two years running) and the opening production of Dance Ontario weekend at the Fleck Dance Theatre (four years running). Another original piece of Marta’s will be featured in an hour-long production entitled NUMBERS at this summer’s upcoming Fringe Festival.Marta S believes strongly in always creating an environment where dancers can be comfortable and confident in their own wonderful abilities, allowing them to reach their full potential and beyond.

Visit for available services and more information.

Facebook: search “Marta Ess”  Youtube:

Night of Essence tickets are now on SALE. 

Advance tickets are $20. Group tickets are also available. CLICK HERE to get your tickets today.

Another Great Show

29 May

Night of Essence is back and we are so excited.

We have lots planned, and of course what is a Night of Essence show without some surprises on stage. To know what these surprises are you will have to be at the show to see it.

The show will take place on Sunday July 15th at The Great Hall in Toronto. We are very happy about this new space, because we love the look and the feel that this retro building is giving us.

We are bringing back some of the performers we had last year, plus we have new and amazing talent line up.

Tickets for the show will go on sale June 8th.

 Whats new

MsToya Robinson will be co-producing and directing the show this year, and this is exciting because MsToya is one of Canadas top dancers and a very creative person. So welcome on board MsToya Robinson we are happy to have you.

We are also excited because we have a room dedicated to promoting the talent in the show. We know that it’s important for performers to not only get on stage and showcase their work, but it’s also important for them to promote their brand, and build a strong business foundation.

There is lots more to share with you, so let the fun begin…please check back for weekly updates and how you can WIN tickets..Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I know it’s Tuesday, but it’s all good.:)

Enjoy the beautiful, hot weather.

Party for a sister: Fundraiser

19 Aug

So what you doing on August 28th,2011.

Well one of my fave fly girls…Fly Lady Di is hosting this amazing event for her good friend who is fighting breast cancer.

Read the details below and check it out.

“House” is a dance style that emerged from the New York City underground club scene. Marjory Smarth’s approach to the dance mixes African, Salsa, Hip Hop to name a few. Her smooth yet physically demanding style is a major original contribution to the US House Dance scene.

Marjory, like most of the early house/hip hop dancers, took her skills from the streets and continued to develop in the club scene. In the late 1980s, she started dancing professionally with various music artists, including Diana Ross, Heavy D and CeCe Peniston, among others. After many dance tours, four documentaries and teaching internationally, she is considered a major figure in the dance community as well as an historian. Today her focus is helping people find their own freedom of expression.

“I just open the threshold, that’s all,” she says. “They have to find their own eloquence.”

Check out this amazing video clip of Marjory Smarth

For the past two years Marj has been battling cancer. We all know medical care in the USA is not cheap! Let us all come together and raise money for this amazing woman who has given us so much through her talent and spirit. PARTY FOR A SISTER!




7-8pm doors, raffle, cupcakes
8-9pm Marj inspired HOUSE DANCE workshop (taught by Fly Lady Di)
9-10pm JAM! get down, learn, be inspired
10-11pm announce raffle, clean up


Art Work by Te Esprit and Diana Reyes
Massage with Ceinwen G
Private 60 minute dance lesson from Fly Lady Di, Emily Law, Mark Cabuena, VJK, Raoul from Moon Runners, KNOX, Jazzy Jester
Music/Entry pass for Soul Custody
Personal Training 60 minute session, Tumbling private session
Private 60 minute beginner music lesson (guitar, drums, piano)
Lenny Len’s Flavorshop 4 CLASS PASS
and more!

Offers for silent auctions are still being accepted!!!
Please contact Vanessa Jane Kimmons


whoop! whoop! whoop!

A sexy performance class for the ladies taught by @kayannward

14 Jul

The Lady Bold Dance Workshop

Sizzle up your summer with some hot moves that transform you into the ultimate dance vixen.
This class is made for the ladies who love to let go on the dance floor. It’s sexy, creative and it’s all about being a strong dancing women.
The workshop is Friday July 22, 2011 7pm-9pm at Elevation Dancentre

I extended the early bird rate and the friendship discount for this workshops, until Monday July 18th, so go ahead and save, register today

Click on this link for more information and to register for the Lady Bold Dance Workshop

See you soon


A Caribana Dance Workshop taught by @kayannward

14 Jul

The 5th annual Sweat B4 U Sweat “Pre Jump Up” Caribana Dance Workshop

Get ready for the biggest parade in North America. Prep your mind body and soul for an amazing and festive weekend. Learn 2 amazing Caribbean dance routines. 1 Dancehall and 1 Soca routine guaranteed to make you sweat and feel good.
The workshop is on Sunday July 24th 1-3pm at Joy of Dance

I extended the early bird rate and the friendship discount for this workshops, until Monday July 18th, so go ahead and save, register today

The energy is always high, the students are amazing and everyone leaves inspired to continue dancing.

Come jump up, wave, get on bad and wok up your waist line with me…I swear you will love it.

Click on this link for more details and to register for the Sweat B4 U Sweat “Pre Jump Up” Caribana Dance Workshop

Tell your friends, come to the workshop and have a good time.

See you soon.


FREE music download, a gift from @djlissamonet & @thosegirlsrwild

14 Jul

Here is something absolutely FREE that your going to LOVE LOVE LOVE

The amazing DJ Lissa Monet teamed up with Those Girls Are Wild to bring you the ultimate Beyonce mix. Its loaded with over 62 of Beyonce hottest tracks that will get you dancing, feeling empowered and sexy.
And its FREE, so go ahead click on the link and download this amazing mix .

CLICK HERE to download

I really hope you’re not sitting there, scratching your head and asking who DJ Lissa Monet is and what’s Those Girls Are Wild.

If you are, let me refresh your memory, or kindly let you know, if you’re a new visitor.

Remember The Night of Essence “She Rocks” Showcase, yes I hope you remember. Well  Lissa Monet was the DJ and Shannon Boodroom was the host. Shannon is also the co-founder of Those Girls are Wild, a blog dedicated to empowering women to be themselves. (Andrea Lewis is the other Co-Founder of Those Girls Are Wild)

So there you go. But don’t just leave, make sure you download the amazing mix and make sure you visit their websites.

DJ Lissa Monet

Thos Girls Are Wild